Fire torches

Lyskilde´s firedance is based on the SWING technique with
FIRETORCHES, that have each maximum 5 minutes burning time.
Lyskilde: Circle of fire
She also uses  FIRE PALM TORCHES , which have a smaller flame and burning time (3 minutes) and which she enjoys using as an introduction for a bigger fire performance with Firetorches.
palm torches
Lyskilde´s firedance  is always combinig technical swinging
movements with dance , choreography,improvisation and/or expressive body movements,

so that her juggling and dance is not only technical but in most part organic , full of intentions and feelings.
Lyskilde firedance
Lyskilde uses to creates different kind of performances, costumes and characters, according to the aesthetic of the show , the music or  the group of persons she is performing with or for.

Halloween Show


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