About Lyskilde

Déborah Justo, alias “ Lyskilde”, is born the 20/08/77 in

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She is actually living in Copenhague, Denmark, where she offers her shows and workshops, with the name of “ Lyskilde ” that means “ Source of light ” in Danish.

Due to her Tunisian origines, the oriental dance was always a natural part of her life, but her real studies with dance began in 1999, when she began to study Bellydance with Samra and participating to several Bellydance Workshops with renamed teachers as Saida (Argentina) and Nour ( Russia-Egypt).

From 2000 she started studying Firedance, or the “ Swing” juggling technique with fire and electrical lights torches, with Daniela Jacubovich (Venezuela), and in 2002 she became part of the firedance group “Malabar Gitano”(see Videos), offering shows in Buenos Aires and Argentina until 2008, when she moved to live in Denmark.

From 2002 she began to explore a harmonic and expressive combination between swing movements and the dances she have learned, and this exploration keeps developing day by day.

Déborah´s first steps as a firedance teacher began in Denmark, where in 2008 she obtained a subsidy from the Municipality of Copenhague to teach firedance for youngs in Afuk- Ørkenfortet (see Workshops) , where she actually makes workshops in Firedance and Dance with lights.

Déborah has also studied in Buenos Aires:

– Fine Arts  1996-2001, in the National Academy  E.N.B.A.P.P. , qualif ied in National Fine  Arts  Teacher

– Teather and improvisation , 1993- 1995, Fundación Museo Raggio

– Dance and Corporal Expression at the I.U.N.A.( National University    Institut of Arts, 2001)

– Tai Chi Chuan , Chi Kung and Meditation with Eduardo Cussatti , 2002-2004

– Salsa , Latin Rythms, Cabaret and Woman style, with Ohiris López ( Cuba), 2006-2008

In Denmark:

– Jazz Dance , Fredie Pedersen Studio ( Denmark), 2008

– Dance training with  Inga Filbert in Afuk-Ørkenfortet, 2009

– Bellydance Festival 2009 workshops with Nour(Egypt), Lotte Andersen and Lena Astrid (Denmark).

Languages (speaks and writes): english, danish, french and spanish.


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