Lyskilde at Roskilde Festival 2009

About Lyskilde´s shows



Lyskilde gives her performances personally or for corporate party, bachelor party, birthday party or any kind of events.

A show with Lyskilde is a professional show, 100% safe, magical and memorable, mystical and energetic at the same time, making all enjoy it as well as children, youth, adults and elderly.

Lyskilde: Circle of fire

It may not be only a Fireshow, but also may offers different possibilities of  combinations between Firedance, Bellydance and Dance with lights,

Dance with electrical lights

depending on the customer demand, the possibilities of the place and the aesthetics of the party.

Lyskilde- Isis wings

A one single dancer show often takes 10-15 minutes, but can also be divided in several appearances of 5-10 minutes each, for ex. one with fire, a second with lights and a third with bellydance with veil and isis wings.

The shows prices depend on where it takes place, its variation, duration, and number of dancers you may demand for the show.

Bellydance with palm torches

As a client you may receive a personal treatment in which you may talk about  your own expectations for the party, and be recommended if wished about the best option for your plans.

For more information and prices

Contact: Déborah  (0045) 29876778


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