Firedance workshop 2009

Firedance & Dance with lights

Place: Afuk- Ørkenfortet , Kigkurren 1-3, 2300 KBH S
Day: Friday 18-20h , Saturday 11-13h
Islands Brygge
2300 København S

Learn the SWING technique – with POIS, TORCHES,  CLUBS AND FLAGS, combined with dance and choreography
in groups or solo.

Classes in Afuk- Ørkenfortet

All the training materials – clubs and torches- are given during the class by the instructor, the class can be with or without fire, inside or outside, depending on the student´s level.You are welcome to bring your own materials if you wish.

Classes in Afuk-Ørkenfortet 2008

For beginners, intermediate to advanced. With or without previous experience with dance or juggling technique.

Open inscription all the year.

Firedance workshop develops…

1) Technical and specific movements of the swing technique for pois, clubs ,  torches and flags.

2) Expressive body movements and dance notions.

3) Stretching , posture and body work.

4) Improvisation and choreography for each participant , individually and in groups, respecting : fronts , levels , beats and stage area. Deepening body memory.

Poi workshop

The aims of this workshop is not only to give swing´s technical knowledge but to encourage participants to search their own body language using both swing and dance techniques as tools in order to express their own ideas and feelings.

Private workshops:

Firedance workshops for single persons  or groups, with materials to practice with and without fire.Special workshops and training in body work and  juggling for business groups , theater groups, and any other kind of groups.Fire Dance Class

Swing training materials
Workshops for children in dance and fine arts ( they are many posibilities and they depend on your own expectation for the children´s group, it could be for ex. face painting, masks, dance with flags with group choreographies and shows, etc)

For more information and prices

Contact: Déborah  (0045) 29876778


Instructor: Déborah Justo


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